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*Below is a small variety of more popular products we custom fabricate.

LED Light Brackets

Intravision LED Light Blade

Stainless Steel light brackets to affix LED Light Blades Vertically or Horizontally. Currently compatible with Intravision or Phillips Light Blades (can be customized)

$3.25 ea. (USD)

+ Tax & Shipping

Evaporating Pans


16 to 18ga Stainless Steel construction built to specified size. Commonly used in maple syrup production.

Starting at $150 (USD)

+ Tax & Shipping

Flight/Road Cases


.100 Aluminum Construction, welded corners, high quality ASA hardware and fastened with rivets. Available in etched black powder coat or custom hydro-graphic designs with checker sides.

Starting at $450 (USD)

+ Tax & Shipping

S/S Mailbox (Drop-box)

S/S Mail Box

16 ga Stainless Steel weather-resistant mail/drop-box with keyed lock. Back piece is fastened to wall and front opens downward on a hinge to collect mail, keys etc.

$275 (USD)

+ Tax & Shipping

Utility Boxes/Enclosures


14 to 16 ga Stainless or painted steel construction. Typically fabricated for electrical service and/or controls ranging 6 cubic feet to 30+ cubic feet.

$750 - 2,500 (USD)

+ Tax & Shipping

Real-Estate Sign Holders


1" x 1" angle iron construction. Accommodates most common sized real-estate signs.


$25 (USD)

+ Tax & Shipping